Vitamin A Onyx Cosmo Reversible-A Treat to Your Curves!

Vitamin A Onyx Cosmo Reversible Beachwear
Vitamin A Onyx Cosmo Reversible Beachwear
When it comes to completing your beach attire, a well fitted swimsuit is what holds a primary concern. With beaches becoming a rage, bikinis surely needs to be an essential part of your wardrobe. But isn’t it incredible if your swimwear does multi-tasking for you as well? Voilà, Vitamin A Onyx Cosmo Reversible, yes it is.

A favorite among celebrities and beach beauties, Vitamin A Onyx Cosmo Reversible collection retains astonishing fit and style. There have been new changes introduced in this designer beach wear.

The versatile Onyx Cosmo Reversible swimwear

This swimsuit is reversible to black metallic and there is a hidden rubber in the seams. These traits make Vitamin A Onyx Cosmo Reversible a comfortable swimwear. Besides these, unlike traditional triangle tops, this swimsuit has strings tied to the rings to give a perfect support.

Made with marvelous Italian fabric, this swimsuit has side rings which fit your figure pretty well and comfortably. Its clean edge detailing is something which makes it all the more appealing.

Once you have picked up the right bikini, an attractive cover-up doubtlessly accentuates your sensuality. You don’t have to wander any more; Molly Brown’s saves your time and offers a vast collection of designer swimsuits, cover-ups, apparels and accessories including Vitamin A Onyx Cosmo Reversible beach wear.

Count your steps, for swimsuit shopping is easier now, with Molly Brown’s around. And if you expect more than versatility then we are also offering free Havaianas Birdie Sandals with the purchase of a Vitamin A Swimsuit.

Get your bikini today!

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