Vitamin A Chelsea Superstar Swimsuit – It’s Sheer Sterling Glamor

Vitamin A Chelsea Superstar Bikini
Vitamin A Chelsea Superstar Bikini
Vitamin A’s Amahlia Stevens will never rest until she makes sure that her swimsuits make fashion conscious damsels feel like a superstar! You don’t really have to have a supermodel figure to look drop dead gorgeous in any of her designer bikinis or dresses. Vitamin A Chelsea Superstar swimsuit is made on similar lines and exudes luxe, class and for a change, ‘fabulocity’.

There’s something about these Vitamin A swimsuits that every time we look at them, we somehow end up getting ‘glued’. Perhaps it’s Amahlia’s perfect sense of craft and the way she just so effortlessly gets freshness, sleekness and that sexy appeal in her swimwear.

Handcrafted from the highest quality Italian tricot, the Vitamin A Chelsea Superstar bikini provides spectacular comfort, support and fit. Well, that’s staple in all Vitamin A pieces. The swimsuit is fully lined with 24k metallic and features chic gold rings at the top of each triangle. No wonder, why a bevy of celebrities swear by this brand.

Vitamin A Chelsea Superstar – A sexy way to be a star!

A blend of super quick drying nylon fiber with a patented Lycra yarn, the Chelsea Superstar swimsuit is a perfect attire for your mid day or after hours beach get togethers, pool parties or in house bashes. Now that the sun isn’t in its full glory and autumn is about to knock soon.

The bottom of this swimsuit doesn’t dig and is very comfy. The side gold rings make this piece a hot favorite among stylistas. The California cut and the rear center is just to-die-for. A very cosmopolitan bikini, Chelsea Superstar is nothing but sheer glamor revisited.

Pick this piece at Molly Brown’s and teem it up with any of your preferred cover up or accessory.

Flaunt the Chelsea Superstar and you might just be given a red carpet treatment wherever you go!

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