ViX Ruffle Swimsuit – Indulge in some Glamor Splash!

Vix Ruffle Swimsuit
Vix Ruffle Swimsuit

Vix swimwear is known for plush and chic women’s swimwear. Paula Hermanny, the brain behind the designs, has always got the rare blend of grace and style in her bikinis. Her latest creation Vix Ruffle is equally classic and needless to say beautiful. She seems to have revealed all her fashion taste secrets through this beach apparel.

Vix Ruffle swimsuit is quirky, mushy and seriously hot. Well, if you ask us, it surely is a ‘have to have it’ bikini. Did we just hear ‘but-it’s-winter’? Of course, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look forward to upcoming summers either. Right? This is a right time to make a good use of your imagination, and when the swimsuit season arrives in a few months, you would exactly know all the beach flaunting tricks.

Ruffle swimsuit – Swooning fashion

The recent from collection 2010 Vix designer swimsuit is a far-from-coy piece that promises to earn you (progressive version of win you) floored fans. And since it is black, royal is what is just an instant take. And you never know, you may just be the sexy sylph on the beach!

Alright before we get too sentimental about this Vix swimsuit (given that it is so irresistibly exotic), we offer you to take a peek yourself. Tell us about what you felt about the same at

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