Volcom Circle Stone Reversible Bikini – Unleash Your Quirkier Side!

Volcom Reversible Tri-Bottom Bikini
Volcom Reversible Tri-Bottom Bikini
Volcom’s very dictum,`the youth against Establishment’, flows through every swimwear piece it creates. Break the rules and embrace the unconventional, seems to be the notion behind the sexy swimwear designer’s latest, Volcom Circle Stone Reversible bikini, as well.

Volcom wowed the surf industry back in 2006 with its rebellious, edgy and wild designs and gave the mod and fashion-conscious generation a breather from the monotonous women beachwear. A journey that began with snowboarding for Richard Woolcott and Tucker Hall became the guiding principle behind their life and burgeoning career.

Volcom’s new swimwear collection is stylish and individualistic. Vibrant colors, crazy prints and high-quality fabrics are the essentials that Volcom beachwear swear by. Volcom’s wild streak often peeps through its swanky prints and is evident in the Volcom Circle Stone Reversible Tri-Bottom swimsuit also.

Go trendier with Volcom’s Reversible Tri-Bottom Swimsuit!

Volcom’s Circle Stone Reversible Tri-Bottom is all about fun n’ frolic. The circle stone graphics stand out and the elastic filled spaghetti straps are just-so-perfect to give you the right fit. And if you get bored of the same style, just reverse it as it changes to solid, leaving you with a novel look altogether.

Volcom plays around with colors in neck and back ties while circle stones grab the attention at once for its uniqueness. Rule the beach with your svelte frame in this Volcom bikini, leaving the onlookers spellbound!

This along with more snazzy swimwear is available at Molly Brown’s. Flaunt the Volcom Reversible Tri-Bottom swimsuit as you surf the tides or sunbathe!

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