Agua Bendita Swimwear Now Available at Molly Brown’s Swimwear Store

June 22nd 2010, Newport Beach, CA

Agua Bendita swimwear is now available at women’s swimwear store, Molly Brown’s.  The designer swimwear store is now offering Agua Bendita bikinis and swimsuits.
Agua Bendita collection can be viewed at :”Agua Bendita Women’s Swimwear” href=”” target=”_blank”>Agua Bendita women’s swimwear line is known for an exuberant display of colors and patterns. The designer swimwear collection features Pop-Art inspired prints and designs. Bead work and embroidery is another highlight of Agua Bendita swimwear.

Agua Bendita designer swimwear collection says out-and-out fun with a riot of colors! The designers played with all the possible colors they had in their palette and the result was some of the best women’s swimwear pieces out there. But if you think it’s all about colors then you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you find that women swear by the flattering cuts, shape and fit of Agua Bendita’s swimsuits.

Agua Bendita offers some of the most unique two-piece swimsuits around. The show-stealer of the collection is the crochet work in some of the swimsuit designs. The swimwear collection added to Molly Brown’s haute couture inventory includes only selective Agua Bendita bikinis and swimsuits.

Agua Bendita swimwear pieces feature hand-crafted embroidery, crochet detailing, beautifully thick materials and textures and a totally avant-garde style. The designers Catalina Alvarez and Mariana Hinestroza have not hesitated to take a bold step away from  the same old thing, and it has really paid off. They’ve pulled off a stunner of a collection sexy enough to make anyone fall head over heels.

To shop for Agua Bendita from Molly Brown’s resort wear store visit:”Molly Brown’s Swimwear” href=”” target=”_blank”>

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