Are Cover ups/ Dresses Your Only Resort (Wear)? Try Bikinis

Let’s face it! It’s not everybody’s game to lie under the sun shining and bright in a two-piece designer swimwear piece. Gorgeous designer bikinis look great and even stunning on some and the same pieces scream a ‘big no’ for not-so-toned others among us. The latter kinds then rely on the long, flowy, with-more-coverage tunic dresses, cover up dresses and even sarongs.

And its not being modest or wary about skin exposure but being conscious of how that extra-bit of skin may be disagreeable to the glamorous appeal you would have liked to flaunt otherwise! So what’d you do? Pick out a sexy cover dress and feel all crunched inside looking at the femme fatales in bikinis.

Well you can be better than the crunchy-kinds and  with just some smart shopping and a great work-out routine(alright, no harm if the latter is impossible). You just have to make the right choices while shopping for stunning women’s swimwear:

  1. Try one-pieces instead of going for two pieced bikinis
  2. Even if your heart is stuck on that beautiful and chirpy two-piece bikini piece then make sure that you buy according to your body (especially keeping loose ends in mind).
  3. Shop in the bikini moment! Yes like the sartori, you should always have a bikini moment while shopping for swimwear. And this comes not by just looking at it but by trying these out.
  4. Buy more and more bikinis. Getting only one may not be the right way to go about it. Also these will never be sufficient to take you through so many days of summer splash. That perfect one is not too many to see you through every beach visit.

Cover ups and beach dresses are sexy in their own right but sometimes it’s the golden skin glowing under the sun that causes more stir. Convinced enough? Then why wait, buy bikinis now from Molly Brown’s Swimwear.

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