Bewitching Bikinis in Miami – They are ‘in’ & Rocking

If you follow swimwear fashion, you ought to know this! Bikinis – skimpy & sassy are roaring a lead in the beach fashion. Miami, the beach fashion capital witnessed the most stunning and sensational display of swimwear on the ramp during the recently held Miami Beach Swim Week.

Bikinis were showcased in the most ethereal way possible. Most of the top designers flaunted their exclusive bikini designs. The colors to rule were gold, hot pink and turquoise. Also cut-out one piece bikini better described as Monokinis were scorching the heat on the ramp. The designers feel that bikinis are the best selling swimwear and focus on them is the mantra.

Also sparkling the ramp is gold. Matte gold, bright gold in rings, chains and embellishments on bikini is ‘in’. Chunky necklaces and bracelets were also adorned by the models.

Women’s Swimwear Sizzling the Ramps in Miami Fashion Week

Apart from various designers showcasing their great work at the swim week, the popular designer labels available at Molly Brown’s – Cia Maritima and Luli Fama also stepped in to contribute to the stunning women’s swimwear show.

Cia Maritima played with animal prints including crocodile and tiger. The women’s designer swimwear used a color palette with a lot of yellow, purple, light blue, brown and white. The designer experimented with long dresses and metallic beadwork. The innovation was shown when the designer teamed up a bikini top with harem pants.

LuliFama bikinis chose hot pink and turquoise as their theme colors. The designer used a lot of gold jewels and studs to add to the glamor quotient of bikinis. Bandeaus were also showcased with gold embellishments.

So now you know your destination for the latest swimwear fashion. The 2010 swimwear collection is available at Molly Brown’s. Go and grab the best or if you have any doubts then email them to us at:

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