Barracuda Swimsuit by Caffe – Hip ‘n’ Bold

Caffe Barracuda Bikini
Caffe Barracuda Bikini

Barracuda bikini by Caffe is one of Paula Saavedra’s sexiest work till date. Though she always plays with bright colors and does a lot of mix ‘n’ matching, this time she has come out of the shell completely.

Barracuda bikini is a skimpy two-piece swimsuit. The designer bikini is made of elastic tricot fabric and does not dig into the contours, making it comfortable. The Barracuda swimsuit is in a bright shade of sea green and sky blue colors. It also has a tinge of other shades such as purple, yellow and a little pink. The play of colors makes a great graphic print that makes Barracuda simply sultry!

Caffe Barracuda bikini has a comfortable top with adjustable straps. The straps give an amazing support and tie at the back. The bottom of the designer bikini is embellished with two metallic rings to lend a modern art look. They even provide a slight stretch to the bottom of the bikini making it easy to wear.

Barracuda swimsuit – bold colors and designs

Barracuda two-piece bikini is in lively shade of colors and in abstract design. Though the other swimsuit in the swimwear collection by Caffe also witnesses a lot of beadwork and mix ‘n’ match of colors. Caffe designer swimwear is also famous for its European prints and Colombian fabrics. The Caffe bikinis also have gorgeous embellishments on them.

Barracuda by Caffe and other swimsuits by Caffe are also available at Molly Brown’s store. Go and grab your favorite now.

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