Caffe ‘Risky Business’ Bikini Covered in Oprah Magazine Now on Offer at Molly Brown’s Swimwear

July 26th 2010, Newport Beach, CA

‘Risky Business’ bikini by Caffe, covered in Oprah Magazine is now on offer at the swimwear store Molly Brown’s ( The Risky Business bikini by Caffe is available at:”Caffe Swimwear” href=”” target=”_blank”>”Designer Swimwear” href=”” target=”_blank”>designer swimwear label, Caffe has been covered in many leading swimwear magazines such as Sports Illustrated, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Style and others.

The women’s swimwear store, Molly Brown’s along with the ‘Risky Business’ swimsuit carries an exclusive collection of Caffe 2010 bikinis. Other designer swimwear labels retailed on the Molly Brown’s store include L Space, Vitamin A, Letarte, Despi, Chio, Maaji, Zimmermann, Tori Praver and many more.

Swimwear labels such as Cia Maritima, LuliFama, Poko Pano featured at the recently held Mercedes Benz Miami Swim Week are also available at Molly Brown’s.

A representative from Molly Brown’s said, “’Risky Business’ bikini in the O Magazine means its got to be on your body too! This Caffe stunner is perfect for a day out at the beach or for lounging on a yacht. The color scheme and the design of the bikini makes it a complete stand out. No wonder that the editors at O couldn’t miss it!”

Women’s swimwear Caffe allows great fit and features a lot of detailing with embellishments and bead work. Swimwear collection plays with a lot of colors and they are well able to create the desired magic.

“Caffe is famous for its handmade swimwear. Beautiful European prints are worked on solid tricot Colombian fabrics for that amazing look. The Risky Business bikini’s uniqueness lies in its braided straps, long side ties and fabulous cuts! Caffe is a perfect blend of sophistication and sexiness”, concluded the representative.

The glamorous Risky Business bikini by Caffe can be purchased:”Molly Brown’s Swimwear” href=”” target=”_blank”>

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