Caffe Risky Business Bikini – O (prah) M (agazine) Goodness!!

Caffe Risky Business Bikini
Caffe Risky Business Bikini

Caffe bikinis are a great pick when the world needs to be acquainted with the classy you. Imagine yourself cruising on a yacht, soaking up the sun and having the wind caress your hair. What suit did you imagine yourself in? Bet it was a Caffe bikini beauty! If not then, Caffe has brought out the perfect bikini for that picture perfect moment right and its called – Risky Business!

Don’t go by the name, it’s risky business for whosoever sets eyes on you wearing that piece of Caffe’s luxury. And when a bikini makes it to the Oprah Magazine you know that it’s already out of the ordinary zone.

Caffe’s Risky Business swimsuit is classy, melt-your-heart pretty and got-to-have-it sexy! And if you get past the initial amazement of looking at the hot color combo then the design will mesmerize you even more.

Risky Business to Not get this Caffe Sizzler!

Caffe women’s swimwear worked its magic pretty well to come up with such a show stopper of a bikini design for the 2010 season. The gorgeous triangle top features multicolored woven straps that tie at the neck. Add to this a low fitting bikini bottom with the same multicolored (as the straps) upper seam along with thick side ties. Does it ever end? We think not because when Caffe plays with luxury swimwear, it  knows no bounds.

So if there’s a celebrity styled beach getaway or a lavish pool party planned for the summer then this Caffe swimsuit is your ideal pick!

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