Chio Dominique Bikini – Be the Cherie of Everyone’s Eyes

Chio Dominique Bikinia
Chio Dominique Bikinia

Chio swimwear has always brought us the Italian (read pure luxurious) indulgence! However, the Dominique bikini by Chio is a step up from the standard that Chio swimwear and women’s resort wear has set. This designer swimsuit is not just your regular bikini piece but a license to become the cherie of everyone’s eyes.

Chio’s Dominique bikini is a triangle top paired with a low rise bottom. The bright yellow and sleek grey combination makes it hard to miss and perfect for the season. Helios (sun god) will either be all envious or rosey-eyed spotting a sun-goddess (read: you in the Chio Dominique bikini) on the beach.

What’s our verdict on this Chio 2010 swimwear stunner? Well if you haven’t  figured out till now then you got to buy it to know. This a must have for the summer. And it’s not just it’s beauty that will draw you towards it. Once you slip on this chic bikini, you won’t be taking it off for a long time!!

Chio Swimwear must be proud of the Dominique bikini

Chio resort wear has made its own unique place in the women’s swimwear world and no other designer swimwear seems to come close to the amazing styles, swimsuit designs, luxurious fabrics that Chio uses. Like the Dominique, the 2010 collection of Chio swimwear promises a lot for the ladies.

There is ruching on the top and gathering slides in grey on the bottom of this Dominique bikini. The straps and back ties of the bikini top are also grey in color. Awesome to the core, this bikini has all the ingredients to make it your staple swimsuit for the season.

Get hold of this head-turner now and embrace the chic fashion with Chio’s Dominique bikini!

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