Cia Maritima’s Mystical Beauty – You Got to Have it On

Cia Maritima Mystic Bikini
Cia Maritima Mystic Bikini

Have this magical and enigmatic bikini on you and enjoy the attention! You can also say that ‘attention’ comes in the package with the designer bikini! Cia Maritima’s Mystic bikini is a mystery that you have to unveil or let others do the trying and you enjoying all the admiration.

The Mystic bikini top is a bandeau offering an absolutely amazing fit. It is comfortable and features thick back ties. The bandeau bikini top lifts and trust me, it mesmerizes. The top is an abstract brown print on white base. It is different and something exclusive.

In addition to all this, the bikini top has removable neck ties too! Use them for added comfort and remove them for a perfect tan. Do you find anything missing?

The bottom of the designer bikini is a solid black. Fitting low across the hips, it is a typical bikini bottom that covers perfectly and fits amazingly. The bottom also has gold accents as an addition, if by any remote chance something went missing!

Designer Bikini by Cia Maritima – Absolutely Amazing

Cia Maritima’s designer swimwear collection has always surprised its regulars with something new and unique. Mystic bikini does the same this time too! It is a perfect show stopper bikini that makes you look nothing less then a super model!

The designer swimwear store is enamored by sensational stuff! Get some of it or enough of it now.

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