Wanna Be the Beach Sensation? Get Despi Copacabana Green Stripe Bikini

Despi Copacabana Bikini
Despi Copacabana Bikini

Despi Copacabana Green stripe bikini is as peppy as the song and as sexy as the man who sung it – Barry Manilow! A simply stunning creation by Despi swiwmear, the Copacabana swimsuit with green stripes is something that will have everyone’s eyes glued to it!

Despi and other designer swimwear labels are churning out one great bikini after another for the season. Ladies, we don’t know about you but the 2010 swimwear collection is making our minds boggle with so many sensational silhouettes on offer!

Skimpy, stylish and glamorous – the Despi Copacabana stripe bikini has everything in it to be on the cover of a leading fashion swimwear magazine. And not only fit for the cover page, the bikini is for beach outings, lounging by the pool side, cruising, surfing or simply being your stylish best – the Despi Copacabana swimsuit will be a winner at all occasions.

Picture perfect Despi bikini – Copacabana Stripe

We all know Despi’s USP is its unbound sexiness and great adjustability which is the highlight of the Copacabana swimsuit as well. This eye candy from Despi swimwear is made of imported luscious fabric. The top features beaded slides that can be adjusted to different bust sizes. Whether you are large or small, the bikini will effortlessly provide a perfect shape.

The bikini bottom is as gorgeous as the top with side panels having the same beads as the bikini top. Copacabana bikini bottom offers moderate coverage and is the same print as the top with the envious green color!

Envy is not just green but it’s Despi Copacabana green stripe bikini! Get this Despi bikini now and make some fans and others jealous 😉

For more info, contact us at: usorders@mollybrownsswimwear.com

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