George Pier Seurat – A Bikini that Flaunts Sheer Class

George Pier Seurat Swimsuit
George Pier Seurat Swimsuit

George Pier Seurat designer bikini exudes immense sophistication and panache. The swimsuit is not only sexy but also stylish and very fashion forward – Like all other Kirsti Grinna swimwear bikinis.

The designer bikini top and bottom combination is gray in color. Simply stylish and functional, the sexy Kirsti Grinna bikini will attract attention at once. The top is a triangle with string ties at the back and neck. The neck ties also have matte finish gold rings to add that tinge of glamor. The color and the design of the George Pier Seurat swimsuit are subtle yet very beautiful.

This designer swimsuit has a low coverage skimpy bottom that sits low on your hips. It has gold rings on the sides. Their design is such that they don’t pinch or dig in. The George Pier Seurat swimsuit is a comfortable wear and you will say that too once you adorn it.

Kirsti Grinna designer Swimwear – It is Stylish ‘n’ Sleek
Kirsti Grinna swimwear is always sleek and laden with panache but the George Pier Seurat bikini is a creation stimulated by finesse. Kirsti Grinna swimwear is for the damsels who grab attention just by being there. And this arty piece (read) George Pier Seurat will let you achieve just that.

Don’t let women’s swimwear become too common. Get it now and be the first one to catch all the attention. Why not when you can.

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