Killer Swimwear Bod, Part II – The Final Step

Last time, it were the myths and this time it’s a reality check. Stop cringing at the thought of exercises and just dream of the time when you will be slipping into that perfect bikini!

And we’re not asking you to turn into a fitness freak. Just simple steps to achieve the killer swimwear bod that you have always wanted! All you need is a pair of dumbbells (your best friends for the next couple of weeks) and the usual for every workout – consistency, regularity and the sexy piece of swimwear that you have had your eyes on for a long time.

Alright…take a deep breath and conquer False Evidence Appearing Real – F.E.A.R (we will get into explaining false evidence appearing real later) for now let’s get you a bit sweaty first!

  • Running – There’s not a better total workout than running. It not only reduces fat quickly but also tones your body to a lot.
  • Dumbbell Row – Take the dumbbells and bend keeping your lower back arched. Pull the dumbbells up and down.
  • Side Squats – This one’s for the love handles. Shed away the fat around your waist and shape up your glutes and hips!
  • Push Ups – No ‘bust’ issues here we are referring to the exercise. If not the regular ones then start with baby push ups.
  • Dumbbell Rotation – Hold the dumbbell to your chest and rotate on your torso. This will take care of the flab around your waist, hips and abs.

And yeah about the F.E.A.R, the false evidence – you can never get into the sexiest bikini in the 2010 women’s swimwear collection and what’s making it appearing real? Your real fear to kick start a new phase in life.  It’s time to enjoy the summer sun in the most stylish women’s swimwear. Start your exercises from today and be a swimwear goddess with a killer bod!

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