Killer Swimwear Bod – Part I

Getting the killer swimwear bod does not mean a killing workout or a starving session!

Women’s swimwear with it’s super sexy teeny bikinis, low cuts, plunges, scoop necks, Brazilian cut bottoms and other silhouettes are playing the devil and the summer season is adding it’s own fuel to the fire. So what do you do? Close your eyes and simply pray to let the season pass by beach-less or without swimwear? Or may be pray so that you can get into the bikini of your dreams!

Our suggestion, praying won’t help unless it is accompanied by fat burning workouts and the ‘E’ word – Exercise! So it’s time to get up and before binging on designer swimwear you better start the much delayed workout, if not for yourself then for the bikini that has been dying to drape your beautiful self in it!

But first let’s wash away the myths that may be keeping you from kick-starting your workout!

Myth #1 – Getting a swimwear bod does not mean you starve yourself and join the anorexic club. The whole idea about a swimwear workout is not to lose curves and shapes but retain them. A curvy figure with contours is what will the swimwear has to accentuate.

Myth #2 – Size zero isn’t the only species allowed to wear swimwear. Ladies please take this ridiculous notion out your heads. Women of any shape and size can adorn a designer bikini/ swimsuit and look stunning and hot! Don’t waste time thinking about it.

Myth #3 – A minimum of two hour workout is required to get that perfect shape! Yeah may be if you wanted to win a bikini bod contest – guess not even for that!

We leave you with this much to think it over! Come back because the quick fat burning tips are following up right next!

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