L Space Coco Halter Bikini – Wearer’s Pride Others’ Envy

L Space Coco Halter Bikini
L Space Coco Halter Bikini

L Space Coco Halter and Scanty Bottoms bikini in limon is a piece of art. This is perhaps one of the dark horses of the 2010 swimwear bikinis that will sneak up to the top without even a whiff! But Molly Brown’s shall not let this glamorously sexy L Space bikini pass by unnoticed, so here’s a quick update on this ultra snazzy bikini and super hot bottom – only a teaser to start you acting now and purchase this L Space stunner!

If you’re a connoisseur of the fashion world then the first glance itself will be enough to get swayed by its beauty and chicness! The show stealer of the bikini is the crossover at the front of the bikini top and the thin yet sleek gold chain around the neck.

And the scanty bottom – well let’s just say it will not raise degrees but smoke out of the onlookers’ ears as you pass by in the scrunched bottom! As scanty and ergo as sexy as it can be, this bottom features shirring and unlike the halter bikini top no hardware. So for any connoisseur this is ‘it’ and a cherished one of the swimwear collection!

L Space Halter Bikini – For the Naughty & Nice

The detailing was for the ‘connoisseurs’; for ladies who just want to add to the heat wherever they go (and we might as well add, are open to less coverage) this is a total knock out! Exceeding the designs are the luscious soft fabrics. The 2010 L Space swimwear’s high spot is the fabric and this soft like silk bikini is mighty proof of that.

This L Space swimsuit lets you be both naughty and nice!! ‘L’ means a lot of sexiness and glamor! So adding it to your wardrobe is the next step. Get initiated into L with the L Space Coco Halter bikini.

Move out of the covers show off your terrific contours, great curves and the bombshell bod in the most hottest women’s  swimwear designer of the season  – L Space!

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