L Space Plunge One Piece Swimsuit – ‘The’ Sexy Silhouette for Summer

L Space Plunge One Piece Swimsuit
L Space Plunge One Piece Swimsuit

A sexy silhouette – by one of the sexier women’s swimwear designers – L Space – the Plunge one piece swimsuit is an other worldly creation! It’s perfect (and perilous) plunge neck line and the dangerous yet dashing back low cut makes this L Space swimsuit a show stopper of the season. If you want to adorn panache, glamor and exquisite fashion for the 2010 swimwear season, then the L Space Plunge is the suit to go for.

Sexy and swimwear are like wet and waves – just inseparable but this super hot one piece swimsuit by L Space Swimwear 2010 is not just sexy but the ‘with it’ swimsuit. A swimsuit that will force some to take a second look and for others to take their eyes off it!

L Space Plunge has a different class altogether and is a piece of high sartorial art which L Space resort wear seems to be an expert at!

L Space Plunge Swimsuit – Plunge into Swimwear Fashion
The Plunge one piece features a daring neck line running invitingly deep along the torso overlapping into a crossed detailing right above the bottom. There is a slight ruching which adds some more flirtiness to the whole suit.

The sexy part isn’t over yet because the low cut back providing moderate coverage has it’s own story to tell or show. An out-an-out a la mode swimwear, the Plunge swimsuit is perfect for raising the fashion quotient at the beach, steaming up the pool at a party or simply turning a simple beach getaway into a fashion parade.

This L Space one piece is definitely for the usual sun-sand fun at the beach it calls for sipping champagne at a five star pool or a trip to exotic beaches.

Wear on the classy L Space Plunge. High-end fashion for you but pure temptation for others! 😉

For more information the special by L Space swimwear or any other bikini, contact us at: usorders@mollybrownsswimwear.com

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