LuliFama 2010 Swiwmear Collection Now Available at Molly Brown’s Swimwear

Newport Beach, CA May 17th 2010

LuliFama 2010 women’s swimwear line is now on offer at the resort wear store, Molly Brown’s Swimwear ( LuliFama swimwear by Miami-based designer duo  Lourdes Hanimian and Augusto Hanimian can be viewed at:”LuliFama Bikinis” href=”” target=”_blank”>LuliFama bikinis, cover ups and dresses for the 2010 swimwear season revealed at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week can be purchased at Molly Brown’s designer swiwmear store. Named, ‘Luli Quiere Rumba’ (“Luli wants to party”), the 2010 designer swimwear collection by LuliFama features Kaleidoscopic print bikinis, solid swimsuits and Latin inspired cut-outs and designs. Ruche bottoms also form the 2010 Luli Fama swimwear collection.

Talking about the 2010 Luli Fama collection, Donna Allen, owner of Molly Brown’s, commented, “Luli Fama charms with Latino magic once again and this time around the women’s swimwear label is sexier, snazzier and something every fashion forward woman must have. Molly Brown’s brings you the best of this daring, edgy and flirty swimwear collection. LuliFama swimwear pieces  featured in the 2010 edition of Sports Illustrated are available too!”

The women’s swimwear store is carrying a wide selection of LuliFama bikinis, cover ups and dresses from the 2010 collection. LuliFama’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week appearance can be viewed at:

“The Latino luxury and Cuban love for color seems to have been used to their full in LuliFama’s 2010 swimwear. Lourdes and Augusto have made sure that there’s not want of glamor and panache in any creation whether for the runway or the beach. So earlier, it was top models, celebrities and the who’s who of the beach world that couldn’t get enough of LuliFama and now it’s your turn to try and get hooked! Buy before we go out of stock!” added Donna.

To shop for LuliFama swimsuits and bikinis featured in Sports Illustrated 2010, visit:”LuliFama Swimwear” href=”” target=”_blank”>”Molly Brown’s Swimwear” href=”” target=”_blank”>

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