Luxe D’Orsay Bikini – Beautiful Like & For the Mermaid

Luxe DOrsay Bikini
Luxe D'Orsay Bikini

Luxe D’Orsay bikini is literally made and cut out for summers, the beach and the gorgeous waters!When aqua, blue and sea green ornament this wonderful Luxe bikini then you just can’t be but in it through out the summers. It’s Luxe swimwear giving you the perfect reason/ excuse to be out there and grabbing all the attention and affection.

Luxe D’Orsay swimsuit is a simple string bikini with a triangle top and a bikini bottom with navy blue side ties that has moderate coverage. The triangle top features interesting blue accents above each triangle. The color combination is only the tip of the iceberg because the water-color stripe print on the bikini will hypnotize the onlookers without you even setting your eyes on them.

If a mermaid ever wanted to wear a bikini, we bet that this Luxe D’Orsay swimsuit would have been her choice without a blink.

Luxe D’Orsay Bikini – Splash of Beach Style

A hot bikini that you wouldn’t want to miss for anything in the world! This is easily one of the best bikini designs and color mash up offered in the 2010 swimwear collections.

Luxe swimwear as always wins the hearts of ladies in its own sneaky way. Not really a limelight hogging designer swimwear brand – it manages to sustain a world class and high-end clientèle simply by offering no-hold-offs and out of the world women’s swimwear.

So what all is the D’Orsay about? Steamy sexiness – yes, chicness- totally, glamor – full on! And a perfect way to flaunt your fab body standing on the beach/ on a yacht or lounging by the pool side.

A Luxe women’s swimwear bikini design that is bound to carry over to the next season! Get this timeless collection from Molly Brown’s swimwear. For more info on this or any other designer bikini; drop in an email at:

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