Luxe Swimwear Now On Offer at Molly Brown’s Swimwear Store

April 27th 2010, Newport Beach, CA

Luxe swimwear is now available at the women’s swimwear and resort wear store, Molly Brown’s ( The designer swimwear line by Lisa Vogel, Luxe, can be viewed at:”2010 Swimwear” href=”” target=”_blank”>2010 swimwear inventory – Maaji, Kirsti Grinna, Tori Praver and Zimmermann. Molly Brown’s features

Luxe bikinis, swimsuits, dresses and tunics. Lisa Vogel the creator of Luxe swimwear and resort wear is a swimwear expert and co-president of swim industry leader, RAJ Manufacturing. Lisa Vogel’s Luxe swimwear is known for its suave bikinis and co-ordinating resort wear made from luxurious fabrics, signature detailing and unique use of Italian hardware.

Announcing the availability of Luxe swimwear at Molly Brown’s, Donna Allen, the owner, shared, “Lisa Vogel’s Luxe is not only avant garde designer wear but a style statement for the snazzy, sophisticate and refined. The essence of Luxe swimwear lies in its exotica. A byproduct of Lisa Vogel’s eye for colors and their creative use, each Luxe bikini is a marvel to be cherished and worn with pride. Luxe is one of the designer swimwear labels that make 2010 swimwear collection at Molly Brown’s a no-miss.”

Popular Luxe bikinis and swimwear dresses on offer at the women’s resort wear store include the Hermitage one piece swimsuit, leopard print classic triangle top bikini, the Getty bikini and dress, etc.

“Being a mother of two herself, Lisa Vogel’s expertise lies in bringing out the bikini beauty lurking in mothers. Luxe bikinis and their cuts are such that mothers feel confident, sexy and flattering. Not for nothing is the Luxe fit famous! And since mother’s day is only a few breezes away why not gift your mom a perfect fit Luxe bikini! It’s a bit off the usual gift idea for mother’s day but making moms feel hot isn’t bad. The best thing about Luxe apart from the fit is that its wearable and takes to body like second skin.” added Donna.

Molly Brown’s also offers women’s resort wear by top designers such as L*Space, Vix, Vitamin A, Luli Fama and others.

“Made in USA, Luxe bikinis are gorgeous not only in looks but designs as well. Inspired by Lisa Vogel’s travel escapades and art, every Luxe swimwear piece has cuts and shapes that completely sweeps you off at first glance. True to its name, Luxe is a journey into glamor! Buy Luxe and upgrade your wardrobe with some trendy swimwear for the 2010 season.”,  concluded Donna.

Luxe swimwear from Molly Brown’s can be purchased at:”Molly Brown’s Swimwear” href=”” target=”_blank”>

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