Mikoh Robbie Bikini Top & Grayson Bottom – A Total Show Stopper

Mikoh Robbie Top & Grayson Bottom Bikini
Mikoh Robbie Top & Grayson Bottom Bikini

Robbie bikini top and Grayson bottom by Mikoh is an uber-hot swimwear separate. The swimsuit is feminine yet fashionable, just as other pieces by Mikoh. Designers Oleema Miller and Kalani Miller of Mikoh  again offers their best creative work.

This Mikoh bikini is a simple yet really sexy swimwear separate. On offer in turquoise, charcoal and coral colors, this designer swimwear is not to be missed. The top of the swimwear separate is a neck hugging halter. It has a triple string neck strap which ties comfortably around the neck. The swimwear looks glamorous with beautiful keyhole detailing at the top of each triangle.

The Grayson bottom of the Mikoh swimwear is a string bikini bottom. The designer swimsuit has extra long double strings which look sassy as they hang against your legs while you walk. The swimwear bottom is skimpy yet appealing. The designer bottom sweeps low across the hips.

Robbie Top – Grayson Bottom by Mikoh is for trendsetters

Swimwear separate Robbie bikini is a chic creation. In solid colors, the Mikoh bikini is mesmerizing and a hands down top scorer. The swimwear separate unravels the sexiness in you. Wear the cool cuts and the sexy knots to charm the on-lookers.

Mikoh swimwear is famous for crochet work, tassels and knots. The swimwear collection is exclusive and eclectic. Oleena and Kalani Miller are creative feminists and encourage the women to open their wings and fly high, through their designer collection. Go and get wings for yourself now from the superb collection of Mikoh bikinis at Molly Brown’s Swimwear.

For info on designer bikinis or the bikini in particular, contact us at: usorders@mollybrownsswimwear.com

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