Striped Women’s Swimwear – Is it the in-thing?

Women’s swimwear features different color palettes, designer patterns and some totally heart-sinking cuts. Some of these transcend the season and time boundaries and become evergreen. Other, well, are scooped out of the list without even a peep! Perhaps not beachy enough to stick around season after season.

Apart from these there are those which are neither totally out and nor totally in! Such hanging by the noose swimwear designs and prints make an appearance among the sands and surfs like a rare sighting (not hurtful to the eye in the least)! One such print still unable to fully conquer the hearts for swimwear fashion fanatics yet manages  to not vanish altogether is the stripes! Not many seem to be in love with striped swimwear. Even though its great for top-heavy ladies.

Stripe swimwear really isn’t your ‘wowing out’ glamor or sex appeal. A woman in a striped bikini walking down the sand may just give a very casual look unless the bikini is a sure shot knock out with the right use of colors and cuts.

Striped Women’s Swimwear – The Wearer’s Call

Evaluating designer swimwear; we find that not many swimwear creative heads want to play with stripes. The reason is unknown but perhaps stripes don’t really figure well in their scheme of designs. This doesn’t mean that striped swimwear is totally out from the designer houses. It’s just that it isn’t available in a great variety.

So instead of relying on the designers mood, it’s better to take a call on it yourself. You never know you may be able to find that perfect striped swimwear piece if you look hard enough! And remember one girl’s swimwear choice may be wardrobe malfunction for another. So please  decide keeping ‘you’ in mind and not the girl in the striped bikinis 😛

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