Vitamin A Gold Kimono Gloss Tunic Pink – Gloss-it-up this Summer

Vitamin A Kimono Gloss Pink Tunic
Vitamin A Kimono Gloss Pink Tunic

Vitamin A Gold swimwear and cover-up dresses are famous for their unique designs and patterns throughout the  fashion world. So how could be the Kimono Gloss Tunic Pink be any different? This cover up included in the Vitamin A swimwear 2010 will blow you away! The highlight of the designer swimwear this season is metallic gold rings that adorn both the bikini top and the bottom.

Kimono Gloss Tunic Pink by Vitamin A Gold swimwear is a glamor personified cover-up dress that is hard to let go off sight. This cover-up was featured in the June edition of South Coast Magazine. Adorning this cover up dress, you will have  rolling eye balls following you.

The designer cover-up dress is made of 100% french silk and has a subtle and sexy monochromatic stripe. An amazing depiction of flowing Japanese kimono sleeves, the dress has a plunging V-neckline which is so sure to flatter.

The Vitamin A cover-up dress has an adjustable underbust for the perfect and comfortable fit. Also the dress is sheer enough to show off your sexy Vitamin A bikini underneath. The flowing dress will successfully play a mean hide and seek game with the onlookers, leaving you on their minds.

Vitamin A Gold Cover Up Dresses – Glow & glitter

The designer cover-ups will have you glowing and glittering. Designer Amahlia Stevens has used a lot of metallics in her latest collection. The neck string also possess metallic gold rings. They definitely add to the sex appeal of the flowing dress.

Vitamin A women’s  swimwear and cover up dresses have been in the wishlist of many. You should get this one in your wardrobe soon. Soon enough before someone else has it and that someone will have it for sure!

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