Vix Tortoise Black Bikini – French Inspired Beauty!

Vix Tortoise Black Bikini
Vix Tortoise Black Bikini

Trust the French to lead in fashion even women’s swimwear fashion. And Vix swimwear in its Tortoise Black bikini has captured this signature French impulse beautifully! Also if you’re bored of experimenting with different looks and long for that classic look? Then this beautiful classic Tortoise Black bikini by Vix does the magic for you. The stunningly sexy bikini is every woman’s ultimate desire and passion and now is the chance for you to get it!

The solid black designer bikini is a beauty to die for. With or without a perfect figure, you’re sure to look super hot in it! The top of  the Tortoise Black bikini offers comfort fit with a halter design. The halter bikini top ties at the neck and behind the back. It is really comfortable as it offers great adjustability and fits all sizes.

With that kind of style, glamor, sex appeal and charm you may just want to prance about the beach all day long! The designer bikini also features gold coated notions on both the neck straps allowing for adjustability of the straps.

Vix Tortoise Designer Black Bikini – For that Bridgette Bardot Look!

The Tortoise Black bikini is inspired by the French actress Bridgette Bardot. The saying ‘beauty is in simplicity’ fits full for this designer bikini. The simple yet very sexy bottom offers complete fit and comfort. It also features gold coated rings on each side, ranking it high on adjustability. Also, the hipster style bikini bottom ensures a great walk with loads of style!

Isn’t the first look of the Vix designer bikini engaging enough? After all it’s the same classic black bikini that guarantees 100% sex appeal. What are you waiting for, ask us what you want to know at:

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