Women’s Swimwear 2011 will be Itsy, Sexy & Bikinilicious!!

All those at or high on the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week will vouch that 2011 summer will be all about bikinis and sexier women’s swimwear! One-pieces and two-piece bikinis will be reigning the sands, waves, the sun and after hours.

Bikinis have ruled ladies’ hearts since the first sexy damsel was spotted in a then-considered-strange but sensational piece of women’s swimwear (read bikini). Well now it’s not only the women who are impressed by its sexiness but men can’t seem to get enough of them too! Summers mean less work and more play. Oh yeah, less of clothing too, especially when you have the sand under your feet and the sky around you at the beach!

Designer bikinis are a perfect wear for all summer and tropical tricks, adventures and all the fun you’ve waited all winters to have.

Women’s Swimwear 2011 – A Sensation called Bikini

There’s just no end to creativity and the ideas that swimwear designers apply to this little piece  of clothing and make it look better and better!!

So after a stellar of a 2010 designer swimwear season, 2011 will definitely be something to look forward to. You have seen them at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Swim Week and we know are dying to wear them. Well guess you will have to wait for sometime. Or if the patience is running out, then you can bank on Molly Brown’s Swimwear’s great 2010 designer women’s swimwear collection.

We have all the super-stunning swimwear designers from Cia Maritima, LuliFama, Letarte, L Space, Vitamin A Gold, etc. Temptations as we like to call them are like all other completely irresistible.

P.S – Molly Brown’s Swimwear has also announced its annual summer 50% discount sale! So you have all the more reason to be shopping for bikinis apart from their really-hot looks! Enter discount coupon code, SUMMERSALE and avail discounts now!

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