Women’s Swimwear Dilemma – To Tan or Not to Tan

Since women’s swimwear first came to the fore along came a plethora of surprises. Women became pleasantly surprised with this new beachwear that liberated them and made beach visits fun and fashionable. And men were elated for reasons we all know and need not list.

Since then and now when women’s swimwear, resort wear and or shape wear (whatever the nouveaux noms) has transformed so much (not only in terms of being bold, daring & full of oomph), there are still certain things that haven’t changed like the dilemma  every woman thinking of buying women’s swimwear faces – the dreaded and sometimes loved tan lines.

Swimwear bikinis and swimsuits with straps, neck and back ties and even halters all get tan lines. Strapless swimwear on the other hand gets you a through tan with no irregular lines or blotches. So we have both the scenarios in front and now the question arises, whether to choose straps and ties swimwear or the strapless one for a regular tan.

Let’s see what are the pros and cons of choosing either kind of women’s swimwear:

  • Going for swimwear bikinis and swimsuits with straps and ties sure means a great variety to choose from and for some the tan lines are pretty sexy too.
  • Swimwear bikinis without straps look sexy but apart from the bandeau and off shoulder styles there are not many too choose from.
  • Tan lines may not be every women’s ‘flaunt it’ and ‘win all’. But there are some who can get away with them looking as sexy as ever. When wearing bikinis with straps tan lines are inevitable and perhaps that’s why all of us accept them as part of our beauty package.
  • A through and through even tan that strapless swimwear provides looks much better than tan lines here and there.

There are tan through swimwear available these days that tan even underneath the skin. This is made possible with lightweight fabrics. The tan through bikini or swimsuit is not necessarily see-through.

Ladies the verdict still lies with you – Will the love for sexy designer swimwear override the love for even tan?  Just make sure that whatever you choose should be in your best interest. When the sun is high, the bikinis and swimwear can’t be down and wrong; women’s designer swimwear means sexy women with or without the tan lines.

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