Women’s Swimwear & Some Weighty Issues

The season of sun, surf and sand brings happiness for some but nervous pangs for others. Yes we’re talking about summers and the weighty issues that make many women feel the jitters about wearing a swimsuit. But when women’s swimwear has become so fashionably advanced and there is a thing such as ‘plus size designer swimwear’ existing then why do woman with a little extra on the bone still cringe at the thought of adorning sexy swimwear?

Women’s swimwear in fabulous designs is usually available in all sizes from small to large and even XL.  But that just solves only some part of the problem. Sometimes even plus size swimwear can’t resolve those burden-on-the-head weighty issues. Along with wearing your own size it’s also about wearing a bikini that does not make you look fat.

And what does not make you look fat will obviously make you look better. 🙂

Fuller bust? Voluptuous is always in so be happy! Thank god for the curves. However, before you revel in too much glory, let us tell you that fuller busts and triangle tops are not the best combination.  Bandeaus and square neck bikini tops may look just perfect! Even strapless bikini tops would look stunning.

Belly troubles? Too much flab for comfort on the belly? Go for flattering one piece swimsuits. Wearing a two piece will draw all the attention on the area you wanted ignored. Also please leave alone the low-rise and choose high waist-ed classic swimwear to tuck it all in. Retro may be the way to go too.

Heavy on the hip? Don’t worry because boy cut bikini bottoms and boy briefs are there to rescue! Skimpy bottoms won’t be of much help in turning on the heat.

Women’s designer swimwear does not have to be a nightmare if you choose not for your heart but for your body and weight.

For more information, simply drop in your query at usorders@mollybrownsswimwear.com

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