2011 Caffé Now Available at Molly Brown’s

Born To Be Wild
Born To Be Wild

This year’s collection of Caffe designer swimwear is sure to impress, encompassing luxury, elegance and sophistication with its unique handmade women’s swimwear and resort wear.

Caffe designer swimwear has created the perfect fit, shape and print for your swimwear panache! The suits attribute enchanting vibrant, and chic colors adorned with some of the most exquisite hardware and detailing on each and every piece.

This “Born To Be Wild” suit features a blend of blues and greens with the most glamorous gold accents. Simply putting on this suit will make you feel luxurious and sophisticated. The triangle top features a gold outline that continues into the neck strap illustrating elegance and lavishness.

At the tops of the triangles is an exclusive wrapping detail that is reflected on the waistband. The bottom carries out the same vibrancy of color with gold accenting the waistline; low, sleek and sexy.

Molly Brown’s designer swimwear store is also carrying exquisite silk cover-ups, elaborately detailed bags and a striking one piece; all guaranteed to turn heads! Visit our online boutique to shop for the latest from Caffe at Molly Brown’s.

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