KGB and The Kirsti Grinna Collection – Defining Exclusivity and Luxury

TheGoose2KGB and Kirsti Grinna Collection can be found at Molly Brown’s online designer swimwear boutique! The collections offer different styles while defining bikini fashions in their own rights.

KGB and Kirsti Grinna Collection designer swimwear are made from exclusive European fabrics and manufactured, cut and sewn, in the U.S.

The KGB collection features an edgy and young style that offers sex appeal and luxury that appeal to the daring and contemporary young swimwear lovers. Bold prints, sexy cuts and gorgeous hardware and details are all offered in the KGB collection.

This season KGB has taken on a fairy tale theme for naming their designer swimwear bikinis, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, Pinacchio, The Ugly Duckling, Three Little Pigs and The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg!

The Kirsti Grinna Collection is made exclusively for “jet setter” designer swimwear fashionistas. The Kirsti Grinna Collection evokes the highest quality of luxury with an unparalleled style and production. The hardware and fabrics give the designer swimwear customer a sense of an exclusive high quality that cannot be found elsewhere!

The exclusivity of both collections make these designer swimsuits a must have by designer swimwear connoisseurs. Shop for all of KGB and Kirsti Grinna Collection women’s designer swimwear at Molly Brown’s online boutique!

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