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Greetings from 2012! A new year, a new you… Every New Year, after over indulging in holiday feasts and treats, we say we’re going one size down in EVERYTHING and never eating again! But really, we’re just kidding. We love our bikini bods! And think all shapes and sizes should be celebrated. Today we begin our guide to finding the perfect bikini, top to bottom — one that flatters your body and shows off your best assets!

Today we aptly begin with TOPS. Somehow, no matter your size, the grass-is-always-greener mindset always seems to plague us, meaning the bustier ladies curse their neck problems and wish they could wear a bandeau, while the smaller chested women yearn to ditch the old triangle top and finally fill out a sexy balconette.

Here are a few rules of thumb and some suggestions to consider when looking for a top that will support a larger bust:

1. The Fixed Top

Left to right: Paris by Odabash, Marquesas by Caffe

An underwire is going to be ideal…we know, you’ve heard. But what also works great are these “fixed” tops. They are named so because they are fixed along the bottom (as opposed to sliding) and work wonders where a mere string just won’t cut it.

2. The Unexpected Molded Cup

Left to right: Bel Air Bandeau by Vitamin A, Glam it Up Top by L*Space

The secret to why we think this particular bandeau can work for bigger busts, and also the reason why we’re absolutely smitten with it, is in the genius construction of the bandeau itself. It’s got ONE molded panel across the front (instead of two separate cups) that just lifts, supports and shapes like no other bandeau. Plus it’s got a removable neck strap, incase you need the extra support.

Contrastingly, the molded cups on this white top are separate. While this might not fit as snugly as the bandeau, the sexy cleavage the separate cups allow for might be worth the trade. The cherry on top is that you control the fit, as it has a functioning tie, front and center. Since it doesn’t have any push-up built in, you get the shaping and contouring of the cups without being put over the top. (This one can also fall under the “Fixed” category above!)

3. Over the Shoulder Straps

Left to right: Paulina by Charlie, Montauk by Acacia

Understandably, pressure and tension pulling at your neck while you’re trying to relax at the beach — not fun. So these are great simply because the straps go over the shoulder instead of tying at the neck.

Stay tuned for what to do if you’ve got the exact opposite problem and we’ll show you what styles work best for enhancing the bust!

XOXO Molly

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