Post-Holiday Cheer (and Cheek)!

Hope your holidays were full of rest and relaxation, silly Christmas movies, good-times spent with friends and family, and of course, a little holiday shopping. Shopping BEFORE and FOR the holidays can be a bit stressful (totally fun!) but stressful. POST-holiday shopping, after the madness has died down, is just plain fun, minus the stress. Call us nuts but we love after-Christmas shopping, and this winter season we’re still dreaming of summer, and the cheeky bottoms we’ll be living in…

L: Cutie Pie Bow Bottom by LOLLI, R: Euro Short by GREENLEE

Even though it offers a little more coverage on the sides, a booty-short always feels… well, a bit cheekier. It’s playful, flirty and obviously flattering.

L: Supermodel Bottom by VITAMINA, R: Mumbai Bottom by ACACIA

Ruching down the back creates a look that’s a bit sexier and more revealing. If you’re not afraid to show a little skin, the famous “scrunch-butt” or ruching is for you! Because these Vitamin A Supermodel bottoms still have thicker side panels, the look is cheeky instead of Brazilian!

Milano Bottom by L*SPACE

Take your pick! xoxo Molly

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