Bright Bridal White

In honor of all the beautiful brides, and because our Mollies had such a successful weekend at the Beautiful Bride Expo in Las Vegas, we though we’d take the time to showcase some of our favorite bridal white pieces. Not only are they made for any lady searching for honeymoon attire, they’re really suitable for any and all occasions in which you are aiming to look white HOT!

Helice Bikini by Agua Bendita & Talitha Tunic by Vitamin A

Spa White Laser Cut Bikini by PILY Q

Amazon Bikini – Pearl by diNeila & Tassel Dress by Anna Kosturova

And for the non-traditionalists, a slight off-white never hurt anybody…

Marquee Romper and Seville Skirt by The Collection by L*SPACE

Bright whites honestly become as versatile as black during summertime, and these pieces can be worn as stand alone showcase items or layered for a more styled look.

xoxo Molly

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