The Benefit of Bows.

We’re so glad that the bow trend is big this season because frankly, we can’t get enough. From structured ones, to more casually-tied ones, they have the capacity to be girlish, sexy, coy and flirty all at the same time.

Bow Bottom and Bow Romper by LULI FAMA

Crystalized and paired with tassels they become flirty, and who better to attack flirty than Miami-based Luli Fama. Tack their famous ruched Brazilian coverage to the mix and these bottoms were a no-brainer. We’ve got them in the apple green and white (couldn’t resist!!)

Rock n’ Roll 1pc and Crimson & Clover Top by LOLLI

Lolli shot (and when we say shot we mean SKYROCKETED) to superstardom with their Bow Bottom. They were sweet, adorable and girly– all the things you could ever ask for. But their 2013 collection is jaw-droppingly different. Inspired by vintage rock, their new collection shows off the edgier side of bows.

Rendezvous 1pc in white and martinique by MAIO by L*SPACE

And finally, the knotted bow. These casually tied knots add just the right amount of relaxation to these structured one-pieces. They feel pin-up inspired, but not overly so, and paired with the textured fabric these bows still feel refined and unique!

xoxo MOLLY

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