10 basic skin care principles for looking fantastically beautiful

Molly gals, this summer is on! And it’s getting hot! Due to the heat smoking up these parts, we’ve been thinking: what’s the most prized possession a woman has? Of course some of you will jump to rash conclusions and give the answers that typical dudes offer. Seriously? Ok, cool. We’re here to tell you differently. It’s your skin, our dears.

So take our word for it and implement these 10 basic skin care principles in your lifestyle and transform your skin into the most precious gift you have to offer.

A beautiful skin is not only ’bout genetics. Of course the genes your mommy and daddy passed along have their purpose and some of us might be lucky and some of us, may be so much. But you are the one who takes care of your skin, so you’re the most important factor. C’mon, get into the delicately beautiful women’s club with these simple tips on how to optimally take care of your darling skin.

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#1 Rinse your skin in the right fashion

Extremes have negative effects on the health and integrity of your skin. You rinsed far to less? Your skin will look dull and lifeless. Too much? Well, you rinsed a bit too much. Try and use an defoliant product that is friendly to your skin (avoid compounds such as almond peel, because it can harm your delicate skin). Really now, do try and be gentle to your skin. A soft massage with the loofah is more than enough to clean off the dead skin cells, to rejuvenate your peripheral circulation and to give that glam glow to your skin.

#2 Maintain skin essentials inside

The best moment to hydrate your skin is when it’s still wet. Body lotions capture and fix key essentials for your skin’s health inside the cells, helping it maintain an optimum level of hydration throughout the day. So create the habit of using body lotions every time you take a bath, shower or wash your hands.

#3 Use sunscreen

And apply it from head to toe, because every inch of skin matters. Many of us live under the impression that skin cancer appears only when we bathe in the sunny days on end. Actually, what most of us don’t know is that, daily exposure (even for a few minutes in peak times) makes you as susceptible as lazing about the beach for a full day. Use both types of sunscreen (UVA and UVB) and before you leave the house apply it on the exposed areas (face, ears, neck, hands, legs and don’t forget about that cleavage).

#4 Cosher your hand and feet

Your hands are always exposed to the sun, and the negative effects are become immediately visible . Wash your hand with cream soap bars and then apply a hand cream. To coddle your legs and to hydrate the dry and wrinkled skin, take a handful of foot care cream or lotion and delicately massage your feet. Jump in a comfy pair of soft socks before bedtime. Your skin will heal overnight and you’ll be much more relaxed during your beauty sleep.

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#5 Plan before your next trip

The AC and recirculating air will dry your skin so hard, when you get off your seat you think it’s gonna crack. So even if you’re traveling for one, two or five hours, before you even set foot in an airplane, train or car, bathe in body lotion. Also don’t forget to drink water whenever you’re thirsty.

#6 Don’t run away from water

Yes, drinking water won’t hydrate your lovely skin. But guess what. It’s essential for the well-being of your vital organs. These affect your health and your skin indirectly. Same principle applies to physical exercises.

#7 Find the fats that you love

Obviously, we’re talking about monosaturated fats, which are found in nuts, olives and canola or safflower oil. These fats are extremely easy to integrate in your daily diet because they have an extremely low content of saturated fats. One spoon of oil, ¼ cup of nuts or two spoons of peanut butter and you’re done.

#8 Sprinkle water in your everyday habitat

Winter is devastating for your skin’s health. So too is AC during summers. To combat the drying effects of AC air get yourself a humidifier. It’ll bring back the humidity to optimum levels and it will help keep your skin maintain it’s degree of hydration. We all know that a hydrated skin looks softer, smoother and younger.

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#9 Treat yourself like a sleeping beauty

Your skin reflects both your mental and physical condition. So do respect your body and indulge yourself to a good night’s beauty sleep. If you stint yourself of sleep, your skin will become pale and you’ll add a few rows of deep wrinkles. The M.D.s that recommend an 8 hours sleep per night have good reason to do so.

#10 Give yourself a well deserved break

High levels of stress are affecting your mood and your skin. In a bad way. Pamper yourself at least once a week with a calming and relaxing treat. Either you have a foam bath, surrounded by candlelight, a gorgeous glass of wine and an excellent book, or you’re doing a movie marathon with facials and a bucket-full of pistachio ice-cream, we all deserve to spoil ourselves from time to time.

Take care of your skin and she will caress you when you least expect it.

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