12 Apps for the Beach – Prepare Well for Tons of Excitement


We live in the mobile powered world where our lives rely so much on the internet that sometimes it comes to the point of being preposterous. So much so, that a mobile device has become an integral part of our daily lives. So in summers, when it is time to hit the beaches, why not put technology to some good use? Info about weather, tides, food, safety and more on the beach is ready at hand when your mobile phone has got the best beach apps. So, here’s a list of most useful 12 apps for the beach:


1. Beach Finder

Beach Finder helps locate beaches and their images at differen locations you want to explore. It also shows ratings of various beaches for you to decide your next fun filled beachy weekend. This is a useful app while traveling, especially when you want to take a break in between cities and have a relaxing afternoon near the water.


2. MultiTide

It’s always better to know about beforehand about the tides and the waves, lest you want to be surprised by a sudden splash. Of course, you need more water for water sports and kids need more sand to build their sand castles and that’s why you need to be all the more prepared. MultiTide answers all your water tide questions and allows to plan much in advance.


3. BeachWeather

Going to a cloudy beach is no fun! There’s nothing better than a sunny day to make a beach visit even better. BeachWeather app provides info on individual beaches and not the cities they are in. So, know the weather at your favorite beach and plan accordingly with BeachWeather.


4. Beach Safety

This one is a must for your teenagers and for some beach education as well. It’s important to be safe at the beach and be well informed of the dangers around the water. Beach Safety helps you be aware of all dangers and prepare for the worst.


5. iSunBurn

The iSunBurn app tells about the intensity of the UV rays on a particular day and even lets you know the strength of sunscreen you’ll need to combat the harmful rays of the sun – I can hear all you girls, horraying to that! It’s important to take care of because leaving yourself burnt and excessively tanned is not a great idea. But if tan lines are your thing, check out Molly Brown’s amazing line of designer swimsuits and bikinis for perfect tan lines.


6. Perfect Tan

How do you get a perfect tan? Well, the Perfect Tan app helps you with customized tanning recommendations based on your skin type and your current beach location. Also, this incredible app has a sun timer to let you know when to turn over or call it quits. use a sunscreen lotion accordingly and have a perfect tan.


7.Weather Alert USA

The app fetches all the crucial weather information for a location of your choice. You obtain info regarding dew point, barometer, visibility ratings, maps, graphs etc. Weather Alert USA is based on NOAA assuring accurate and timely information on weather. So before planning to head to the beach, check weather at your favorite beach and have a sure-fire fun day.


8. Tide Graph

Tide Graph is another tide monitoring app like MultiTide works for both coasts in the US. It provides graphs to help the users analyse how the tides change over the day and the entire month as well.


9. NOAA Ocean Buoys

NOAA Ocean Buoys is an app for the surfers. It helps find beach spots with the best waves for surfers, swimmers and other beach sports lovers. Search for all the beaches around you with big waves so you don’t bore yourself and the kids at a dead beach.


10. Instagram

Store lovely beach memories home and share them with your friends using Instagram. Click pictures in your sexy Molly Brown’s swimwear, tweak them to give a memorable look and share them with your friends there and then. It’s the best way of collecting memories that last long.


11. Lookout

Losing stuff on the beach is common, but is a real pain when you lose your mobile phone. The Lookout app has a superb functionality. All you need to do is, borrow a friend’s phone, log in to the Lookout website and use its “lost phone finder”. It will help locate your phone on a map around the beach area.


12. That Beach Channel

Lastly, That Beach Channel is your source when you’re back from the beach to the real world. It’ll help you revisit the fun, joyous yet relaxing world of the beach and waters.


Let your smartphone be a beach-smart phone! Get tanned, look hot in Molly Brown’s swimwear and swim with the fashion currents this summer.


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