Is 2014 About Bikinis or Cover Ups?

January is almost over but still you can sense the Euphoria in the air. Especially since the beach season is fast approaching! We have all seen the latest designs and collections and are now ready to try them on at the beach and see what happens!

The 2014 swimwear collections have mixed bright colors, bold cuts and silhouettes with funky, vibrant prints, incorporating embellishments into the designs and creating some really amazing bikinis. But another trend has emerged. And that is of the cover-up taking the center stage than ever before.

2014 Bikinis
2014 Cover Ups


















Earlier cover ups were just an accessory and one did not see much innovation in them. But now, cover ups have become haute couture with more and more designers paying more attention to the swim cover up. There are Kaftans, embellished cover ups, beach dress cover ups in bright hues and bold whimsical prints.

But is 2014 the year of the bikini or is the spotlight going to shine on the cover ups? The bikini is and will always remain evergreen, with slight changes in the designs or styles. But 2014 is definitely the year of the cover ups. We are seeing a lot more versatility in the designs, the flowy fabrics used, the silhouettes to even the length and the sexy cuts. The newest addition are cover up dresses which can even double as an evening dress for the hot date you scored in the beach! The cover up is evolving and we’re loving it!

Browse the 2014 collection of beach dresses at Molly Brown’s and get ready to sizzle more as you cover up!

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