Classy Yet Edgy 2014 Sauvage Snakeskin Silk Pants

Remember the Rendado Pants by Cecilia Prado we featured last month at Molly Brown’s? Well, this time around we have another fashionable leggy pants that can’t be missed – the 2014 Sauvage Snakeskin Silk Pants! These are going to be a rocking hit this season!


The exclusive printed silk pants are solid teal at the waist, fade to a lighter shade of teal going down to the bottom and has a snakeskin print on the sides. Sauvage Snakeskin Silk Pants because of its classy yet edgy design will many a hearts this season. It is an absolutely fab designer resort wear designed to make you look a class apart from the usual swimwear clad girlies.

Sauvage Snakeskin Silk Pants

The see-through-it Snakeskin Silk Pants will grab attention from both men and women alike. Men for the thrills and women for sinking all its reptile glory.


A Fashion Tip to Sizzle the Beach

Team up the Sauvage Snakeskin Silk Pants with the Snakeskin Tie Up Tunic for a fully covered yet a sensual look. The tunic is also teal in color and has a similar print like the pants. Wear a chocolate or darkest brown bathing suit with the designer tie up tunic for attaining maximum attention.


Do it different this season and experiment with designer pants on the beach. It’s stylish, high fashion and very classy. Look stunning and feel beautiful dear Molly Dolls.

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