All The Leaves Are Brown…

And the sky is gray!!


Winter is nearly here! The season for scarves, boots, and of course everything pumpkin!

Although this is considered by some to be the best time of the year, with the leaves changing and your coffees turning from iced to steaming, some people are having a little summer separation anxiety.

Here are just a couple tips and reminders to help you embrace the season of change!


1)   All Pumpkin Everything!


Pumpkin muffins, lattes and breads oh my!

Who can resist putting a little pumpkin pep in your step?  Get creative with friends and find the perfect pumpkin cream cheese muffin recipe! Make it into a fun competition.  You’ll have an even better time deciding the winner.


2)    Fall Back—Daylight Savings


Hello!?!? Who can forget just this past week we gained an hour!  This is personally my favorite part of the changing of this season: An extra hour to stay out…or stay in bed! Depending on how you look at it (:

Daylight Savings has been practiced since the dawn of time—although they did not exactly set their clocks back, they did recognize the importance of adjusting their daily schedules due to given daylight.  So go on and embrace the tradition that even early man adhered to!


3) Neutral colors to mix and match!


Pily Q
Pily Q



Now for those of you who are taking exotic vacations in these colder months, you can still fall in style with some great neutral prints and colors to mix and match this season for resort wear!



This Pily Q Goddess Bandeau & Belted Bottom is a great fall style that can be worn year round! Supportive molded bandeau top with removable neck strap.  And of course the hand beaded belted bottom is an ultimate favorite! 

Lady Lux
Lady Lux










This Lady Lux Free Spirit Tunic is a great coverup that can be worn over any outfit as well! Brown criss cross straps in the center of the bust.

Vitamin A

This Vitamin A Sirena Wrap Top and the Paloma Hipster Full are the perfect mix and match for fall! The Dusk color in any style is great to match with the Sportif geometric color block print.


Now go outside and take in some of that brisk-almost-winter air! Don’t forget your scarf (:

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