Ballad of The Bikini Line: Orange County Edition


Ah…the bikini line. The most dreaded of hair removal areas and many time the most necessary!

Luckily in today’s society, there are a few different options and you can find the best one that works for you.  Winter is the best time to find out what hair removal method you prefer. So throw away that razor and get to trying new things!


1) Strip Wax


Let’s break it down.. strip waxing is pretty self explanatory.  The hot wax is applied, a strip of cloth laid on, and soon the cloth is ripped away with hair, skin, and usually your dignity.  Although painful, this is the most basic waxing procedure and can be found at nearly any salon.


2) Hard Wax


Hard wax is wax that is applied to the skin, let to dry, and then taken off quickly, sans the cloth strip.  Still, a painful experience, but more bearable.  Hard wax is great for those with sensitive skin.

If hard wax is the one for you, try OC Waxing.   Locations in Costa Mesa, Mission Viejo and Laguna Niguel, California.  Friendly staff that will make you feel comfortable!


3) Sugar


Sugaring is an all natural alternative as well as my personal choice for bikini hair removal.  This method dates back to ancient Egyptians.  The ingredients are essentially water, sugar, and lemon.  Even after a few sugar treatments, the hair begins to deplete and grows back thinner.

Many times with waxing, the wax hardens around the hair, and breaks the hair rather than taking from the root, allowing the hair to grow back sooner.  Sugaring, however, attaches to the hair and does not rip off the skin, reducing irritation and ingrown hairs.


If you’d like to try sugaring, SUGARED, sister business of BRONZED, is the place to go!


– First time clients receive a Buy One Get One for free which results in two Brazilian waxes for $49 or two Bikinis for $39
– Returning clients can receive $10 off for every referral and/or can become a SUGARED member which covers over 20% in savings every month!
Locations in both Newport Beach and Beverly Hills, California.  Stores to come in NYC and LA as well.
Amazing and helpful specialists that make you feel like you’re catching up with one of your girlfriends for thirty minutes.
So let your hair down, muster up some courage, and try these methods out!
Never go into any appointment on an empty stomach. The method I prefer is to pop two Advil and eat a candy bar on the way…taking the edge off and creating a sugar rush 🙂
Good luck!
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