Be cast off to a lucid fantasy in this unadorned yet sexy bikini from Maaji

The designer duo behind Maaji, the Manuela and Amalia Sierra sisters, form the intertwining fabric of the brand’s creative brilliance. When you’re pampering yourself with the godly trio of sand, water and sun and suddenly your lucid dreams are interrupted by an explosion of vibrant colors and playful patterns, you’ll know you’re admiring the eclectic and romantic Maaji swimwear. You’ll want it badly and in return for your lust it’ll make you wish you’ll be living on the beach forever!

Blue Cast Off by Maaji swimwear is not just a simple gift of art. It is the embodiment of pure love for the land where nature’s plenitude of colors paint a kaleidoscopic sky – Colombia.

Maaji pieces, irrespective of their retro-inspired or bohemian influenced patterns, will bewitch both the wearer and the watcher in a spell-like fantasy.

Blue Cast Off by Maaji

The team behind Maaji turns the fantasy into reality because it works on its own terms and techniques, without compromise. When the design team gets to work, they instill in every piece all the right elements for a lucid fantasy: fun, fashion, attention to details, beauty, comfort, attitude, patterns and a dash of eclecticism.

The results are spellbinding and scintillating pieces of swimwear. To wear it is to believe. Shop the Blue Cast Off from Maaji right here and be among the women and young girls who’d die to have a Maaji touch their skin.

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