Beaches and Bikinis (IV) – Molly Brown’s cocktail of watercolors and sand for those great beachcapades

Fraser Island, Australia

Beaches and Bikinis

Perched on the sunny coast of Queensland at about 161 miles Northeast of Brisbane you’ll find an out of this world sandy paradise. Definitely worthy of your charming presence Fraser Island stands apart from any other island is the world.


Rated in the top 10 by National Geographic as one of the most beautiful beaches, this wondrous place is the largest sand island known to man. A World Heritage Site, Fraser Island is an ecologist’s dream, with 640 square miles of unspoiled natural paradise. Its breathtaking elegance and natural attractions makes it one of the most sought after beachcapade destinations. Rain forests with 1,000-year-old trees sprout from the sand!


Rich Aboriginal heritage and a colorful European history are integral to Fraser Island. This intricate blend of cultures makes Fraser Island one of the most rare and mysterious features of Queensland’s coastline.


The countless lakes on the island have their own individual character. From lakes stained red with tannin to others with pure white sand and crystal clear water, you won’t resist the urge to simply plunge in and enjoy. Swimming in these unique lakes is going to be an experience worthy of remembering.


Lodgings here accommodates a wide range of tourists, from the backpacking ecology lover to pampered resort fans. So, whichever you are, you shouldn’t miss it for anything.


And what better Bikini to wear on this sandy marvel than the Bia Top & Bottom by Vix.

Beaches and Bikinis

Sophisticated cuts and flattering fits are a staple of Vix swimwear, perfect for both the naughty and the nice, celebrating the essence of womanhood. Made for both the sultry woman and the demure lady, the Brazilian cut makes this skimpy bikini purely delicious. And yes, perfect for showing off that hot bod of yours! Paula puts a keen focus on fit and function, blending style with comfort effortlessly.


Checkout Vix swimwear at Molly Brown’s and get set for your next beachy escape. Fraser Island is it?

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