Bikinis and Beaches (III) – Molly Brown’s cocktail of elegance and luxury for those great beachcapades

Soneva Fushi – Maldives


Slow down, simplify and enjoy life.

This place doesn’t just have character, it emanates charisma. It’s magnetic, like someone who knows himself, knows the world and greets it with a big, sunny smile.

Conscious of both mind and bodily health and yet utterly luxurious, here you slow down, you simplify and you enjoy.

You may snorkel with the resident biologist to better see and appreciate the life on the housereef or go on nature walks through the island, along the lily-lined paths under the thick canopy of mature palms. You might also visit the site where turtles lay their eggs on the beach. The beach itself is, yes, one of the best of all resort islands.

Everywhere the architecture follows nature’s precedent. The materials are warm, tactile and unrefined. They seem to have grown organically, sprouting walkways, pools, balconies, footbridges, pavilions and daybeds. It is not all rustic, it is chic too and all the luxuries are present, discreetly.

So why not don yourself with this hued-and-haute glamorous Rope Back Dress from PilyQ for conquering those shores on the other side of the hemisphere. 🙂

Rope Back Dress - PilyQ
European inspired ‘cabana chic’ swimwear, PilyQ is known for its classy & elegant designs while still keeping the sexiness intact. Perfect fabrics that have the best texture, one-of-a-kind prints, playful colors and sparkling embellishments make each Pily Q swimsuit a work of art.

When you live slowly, it takes a while to get around to everything you’d like to do. So we want you to have finest quality and best comfort for your sunkissed skin.

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