Braided Bikini Tops for Curvacious Bodies – Sexy or Not?

Braided bikini tops are making quite an appearance in the  2014 designer swimwear season. Braided halter straps and braided back straps are new this year, adding to a huge variety of sexy styles we are anticipating on the beaches this season. However, are braided tops for the fuller and curvacious hot bods? Well, we say absolutely yes!

Curves are to flaunt. Curves add to your sensuality. And we say, a sexy braided top on a curvacious body will increase the temperature to a soaring new high! Braided back straps look stylish and very fashion forward. They make you want to tie up your hair, or just let them rest on one side of shoulder, so the curvy back gets all the attention. Braided designer swimwear paired up with a crochet knit cover up or pants is another style all geared up to be a head turner in the 2014 summers.

Braided Designer Swimwear
Braided Designer Swimwear


What More to Add to the Braided Bikini Look?

For the after beach party girlies, pick up a low waist skirt in solid color to go along with the braided bikini top and you are quite ready to hit the dance floor. Accessories like feather danglers and beaded bracelets too add to your confidence of adorning a braided bikini on a curvacious body! And above all, it’s just how beautiful you feel inside a swimwear piece to make you look hotter than ever.

Shed all inhibitions and check out the most amazing braided designer swimwear at Molly Brown’s. Let beaches this summer see some curvy bods doing simply what they are best at: being hot!

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