To Die for Rendado Pants by Cecilia Prado – The Newest Style Statement

Summers are right around the corner, bringing in scorching summer heat and rising temperatures. So what else will increase the hotness quotient this year? We think, the Cecilia Prado – Rendado Pants will. Take a look:

Cecilia Prado Rendado Pants
Cecilia Prado Rendado Pants

The Rendado Pants are nothing less than an individualistic style statement. The textural appeal of all Cecilia Prado swimwear, dresses and pants are their stand out feature and these pants reinforce this even more so. Designed very intricately, the pants are crochet knit which makes it even more feminine and sexy.

A walk at the beach may not be so sexy wearing a bikini brief as they would be wearing the Rendado Pants. The Brazilian designer has used her ingrained fashion instinct in designing Rendado Pants that contour the body from the top and make you feel so amazingly sexy!

Wear the Rendado Pants for a flirty beach date, a volleyball match, a sip of coffee at that beach shack, maybe an after party or just casually. Also, if it’s a vacation on a beautiful beach, Rendado Pants might get you a lot of glances 🙂

Perfect Partner with the Pants?

The Optico swimwear by Cecilia Prado  is a perfect pick with the Rendado pants. It is hot, chic and designed to make you stand apart from the crowd. The asymmetrical design and the color of the swimwear will enhance your look even more. Your 2014 designer swimwear collection is incomplete without some Cecilia Prado.

Find your favorite pick now!

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