One Trend Hogging the Limelight in 2014 Swimwear Season – Color Block Swimsuits


Have you played with the color blocking trend yet?


We’re sure the buzz around color blocking and of course the fashion diva in you has pushed you enough already to bare it all in a color block swimsuit. But what is it that’s holding you back molly girls? Is it the bizarre color combinations or the striking neons trending high in color block swimsuits?


Whatsoever it maybe, we suggest you shed all inhibitions and walk on the beach sands in color block swimwear soonest possible. Color blocking has evidently become an indispensable trend this 2014 swimwear season. Extending from all sorts of apparels, bags and even footwear, it’s now dominating the swimwear circuit, with nearly all leading designers bringing forth their creative genius in color block resort wear.


Simply put, color blocking is to pair a couple or more solid colors together. It allows you to explore various color and pattern themes, making swimwear all the more interesting and obviously, more beautiful.




But you know what? If you’re not prepared to invest in a color block swimsuit as an experiment, you just don’t have to. Pair up your existing bikini tops and bottoms, in highly contrasting shades and you’re ready to scorch the beach. And please don’t kill the color block spirit by pairing subtle and neutral colors! Match up a bright yellow and dark purple, or a milky white and a solid navy, or even better, a neon green with a dark sunny orange. However, don’t go overboard with neons, as they might turn against the trend. Use neon with a solid, and you’ll look fabulous.


What’s exclusive in designer color block swimwear?


Well, if you pick designer pieces, color blocking is used exquisitely in those. Swimwear designers use color blocking in horizontal and abstract sections to make it interesting and a visual treat. This even helps hide the troubling areas of body and highlight the sections you are comfortable with.




Check out the sensual and enchanting color block swimsuits at Molly Brown’s Swimwear by L Space, Sauvage, Pily Q, Vitamin A and more!


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