Diaper Dilemma- Bikini Bottom Crisis

“I went to the beach one day and all of the sudden I felt like I had walked on the set of a Huggies commercial.” – Krissy Moyer


For those of you who have received a fit session from any one of our Molly Dolls, you have probably heard the term “diaper butt” dropped more than a few times.  Although Webster hasn’t caught on to the phrase quite yet, a diaper butt occurs when bikini bottoms are a size too big and once in the water, the extra material sags and looks like, you guessed it, a diaper!


The diaper dilemma with bikini bottoms is one that should be avoided at all costs and here are some ways to accomplish such:

1) Going a size up does not always mean more COVERAGE on your bikini bottom

-This is an urban legend, much like when my grandma told me that if I ate the crust on my sandwiches I would have curly hair.

-The COVERAGE on any bikini is all about the CUT, not the size.

Vitamin A Triple BraidL*Space Nomad Bottom

 Vitamin A– Chloe Triple Braid                                               L*Space– Nomad Bottom


2) When in doubt between two sizes of bikini bottoms, the rule of thumb, or should I say bum, is to go with the size down.

-In water, the fabric will stretch up to a quarter of an inch.

-Through the year the elasticity in the material will continue to give and form more to your body, therefore you want to get the most out of your suit and wear it season after season!


3) With all this being said, we want you to be COMFORTABLE in your new bikini! And you are the only one who knows where that level is (:


Be a part of the movement! Follow these simple tips and the diaper dilemma will be a thing of the past, much like platform sandals and Lindsey Lohan’s sobriety.

Besides, you never want to be featured in a “Who Wore It Best” alongside Blue Ivy…no offense Queen B.

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