Digital Print Bikinis – Techno influence on swimwear designing in 2014

From our rooms to our cars, our eyes, ears, hands and to our wrists, technology is everywhere! If not a gadget then a tribute to science can be found on tees, pants, bags and even shoes these days. So how could our swimwear designers not get swept by this wave? And how, now we are on the brink of the future in swimwear designing – All hail Techno or digital prints.

We recently talked about how neon has suddenly become the flavor of the season and now what can be seen around are digital or techno – inspired prints on swimwear pieces. More and more swimwear designers are taking the plunge into this fashion-forward trend that recently burst upon the creative scenario.

The digital prints range from portraits to psychedelic patterns and intricate designs. This technology has also made it possible for designers to add more characters to their wearable by allowing more complex patterns to be imprinted on the fabrics which earlier required some serious handiwork from artisans. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that artisans are no longer required! Of course they are because there will always be a market for the exotic and exquisite hand-crafted workmanship.

Bikinis with digital prints are a great to have in your wardrobe. Why go plane when you can go printed? We know that you love those solid hues wrapped around you but sometimes a little dash here and there is the perfect antidote to a monotonous covering.

At Molly Brown’s, the digital prints are still in short supply, as we choose only the best on the scene, but we do have some stock that can take care of your need for an artsy digital print bikini!

Shop for the best designs available at:

Please note: Some of the products are out of stock right now. But you can add them to your wishlist and we will let you know when are they available at the store.


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