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If you would have asked designers five years ago if neoprene would ever return to the swimwear stage, you probably would have been laughed at, scoffed at, and possibly even asked to vacate the premises.  Well turns out that neoprene is the latest trend to hit 2015 designer swimwear!

First of all, what is neoprene you ask?  Neoprene is a combination of synthetic rubbers that is the material used for wet suits.  The first ever neoprene bikini was created in 1981 by surf brand Body Glove.  Even before then, neoprene has been utilized in custom wet suits and surf attire.  It has high flexibility, survives in many temperatures and with the trending of more active suits and on-the-go suits, it was only a matter of time before the neoprene was incorporated in designer swimwear once again.


Below are some hot new neoprene suits of 2015:

Vitamin A- 007 Scuba Wrap
Vitamin A- 007 Scuba Wrap

Vitamin A as usual is up to date with the hottest styles in swimwear, and the neoprene trend is no different.  They infused the neoprene into their classic wrap top with mesh trim for a sexier look to the fabric.  This new signature fabric, NeoLux™ is inspired by the body-sculpting effect of neoprene wetsuits but for a breathable fit and long lasting material.  This scuba-Bond girl look is also available in a one piece.


Lisa Lozano- Neoprene
Lisa Lozano- Neoprene Bandeau


Lisa Lozano is considered a designer swimwear veteran for her successful line TNA back in 1998 as well as children’s swim line Lilo Tati.  It’s no wonder that she was able to jump right into the neoprene trend effortlessly.  Her collection features both the bandeau and triangle top to compliment any body type.  Bottoms are a classic cut and offer a sleek fit, perfect for any water activities or even just beach lounging.

Lisa Lozano- Neoprene Tri
Lisa Lozano- Neoprene Tri















Agua Bendita is known for their bold prints and fantastic cuts.  This one piece has paneled lace and a front zip up for a decisive plunge neckline.  The neoprene makes for an extremely flattering and smooth fit.

Agua Bendita- Sombra 1 Pc
Agua Bendita- Sombra 1 Pc

So don’t be afraid to add some neoprene in your life that does not come in the form of a wetsuit or computer sleeve!



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