Greenlee Swimwear: “Swimwear With A Conscious”


Question: What’s better than a bikini that fits perfectly?

Answer: A bikini that fits perfectly and is eco-friendly.


Greenlee Swimwear adheres to the motto, “Swimwear with a conscious…”

And they are exactly that!  In January 2013, Greenlee launched their LRB®, little recycled bikini.  All of their swimwear is made from 82% recycled fibers and made in the USA.
They use recycled fabrics and nylons for their suits and want to set the example that if everyone puts in a little effort towards an environmentally friendly world, it would go quite a long way.

Celebrities such as Camila Alves, Brooklyn Decker & Aubrey O’Day are all owners of Greenlee Swim little recycled bikini’s.

Made in Los Angeles, California, Greenlee offers simple and sexy cuts and designs, making for an ideal mix and match collection.  Sizes come in 1, 2, 3; there are a few different styles and about three or five different patterns and colors.

They can definitely be held responsible as a spearhead for the environmental shift in consciousness in swimwear.

Tie Front Halter & Side Tie Euro Brief
Tie Front Halter & Side Tie Euro Brief




The 2015 collection of Greenlee Swimwear features a new style bottom, the Side Tie Euro Brief.  This is a different take on the classic Euro Brief, but with one tieside, offering adjusted comfort for any wearer.








Then there is the Side Tie Monokini. Sexy twist on a classic monokini.  Cutouts in the front with neck and back ties.  This also incorporates the new style of the single side tie into the one piece.

Side Tie Monokini
Side Tie Monokini










With any piece of Greenlee Swimwear you can’t go wrong! Mix n match all pieces and styles for a versatile swim collection, perfect for any bathing suit lover on any occasion!




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